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96d5493 Fixed stuff in rmdir
74047ab proto -l in ls
8a477a0 trying EBIN indentation style :-------DDDDDDDDDDDD
fbff968 wait i'm fucking stupid, lmao, well musl, good luck searching for a file called -<CHAR>, but if it makes you happy, go for it my dude
e4192c6 don't take - as stdin if it is a flag (solves musl getopt() bullshit)
dc61ade sorry, my emacs indentation was retarded
342a885 less long line
dd949ba Tabs instead of spaces in indentation lol
34a3f38 added contributing guideliness
609309e im an idiot
36f49ec cat: ignore -u and - can be used for stdin
8627b3b shit to cat.c read the diff lmao
997b2ed https://lainsafe.delegao.moe/files/160545969573108.png
cc03664 Cleanup code
c322cdd %c is better since gnu date gives that by default so take it
b0ca123 Added a probably non posix compliant date(1) but it works :DDD
8dc1039 Added the -p flag to ls
a43985b Holy cow, I added comments but I made another commit to k9core!
1d78c2c It seems that, somehow, i typed 1 instead of 0
8f16928 POSIX, I don't really get you sometimes...
f487111 Added tee!
8eed6cc added -h flag to chgrp
b244eb3 added chgrp
ea00641 wc prints the filename
21718a0 Modified the style
571b6c7 Is this ok, POSIX?
98f9bd9 Remove useless headers
016c4f6 Whatever this does lmao
20eb8d5 cleaned up chmod.c
0a5169b generic case for uname
8cde471 what the hell is -m flag posix is literally the same as -c
9713636 Finally fixed wc :D
4d96265 Improved uname.c
d8c6dd6 Modified the readme because this also has util-linux packes
7f38565 git you're a bit dumb
a8ae0f1 moved non coreutils programs to a nonuserland folder since they are not userland programs
b653b75 Better style and stuff to uname.c
2b3baec In GNU's uname(1) if you pass no arguments it prints the kernel name so mine does that too.
41fac48 Added uname, works but probably not as it should, initial commit for this and i'll fix it if needed later (probably i forgot some flags, programming is hard)
7f4a6e2 added chroot
dfa79c9 im stupid
015f021 added cat the posix -u flag which is useless
07c86b1 Improved makefile
30bc675 added a bunch of programs
d832f81 added groups
f0712c3 lmao
e5464f8 Added logname.c differences with whoami.c: * whoami prints who you are * logname prints the username you logged with meaning that if you run logname with doas(1) or sudo(8) you'll get the real username instead of root
cd73c58 tty(1), which prints the name of the teletypewriter you're using.
fdd3579 improved sleep by using usleep() instead of sleep() which allows more precise times
0d806ef add sync
cb32179 added ernno things
2d60914 im a bit dumb you know
32e3a82 lol
069bde6 i kinda hate posix because -n, but there it is i just have to add a for loop so it iterates every file passed by args
642d6f3 added head
61a4887 modified kill.c so doesn't use getopt (which in this case was a complete overkill). Also a warning if nothing given.
0d9b8f2 sleep
0f8f9dc exec
fecba9a Almost done wc only pick from stdin if no file given. but all flags are working!
dcf829a somebody pls fix flags and stdin
3a44055 Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:call-cc/k9core into master
8d1bf0e added flags to wc
1a37413 improve ls (make it look cleaner)
371c5f0 What the fuck is this
c0935a1 added errno to ln.c
0ee58eb idk whats this git told me isnt' staged so hre's your commit
a1f38d5 Edited some stuff in wc and mv
bb78561 Fixed shred
7bedf74 use stat() instead of a own function to count bytes.
ab00cba Added shred
801cf9d Added unlink, not really sure of that this do but well here it is
3823f62 less bad mv
9c856f4 yeah so now the thing closes the file descriptors
2996e21 cp now supports binary data and touch.c uses the saner creat() instead of open() because using open() there was simply stupid
1d8f3bf fprintf in mount.c
59d1ef6 Better errno
b574d18 added id.c.
43d55a3 -f flag for umount.c (now we use umount2 though)
636072c lol
69d0fae Added stuff to mount.c
8065fed Better whoami
7d414e2 Mount and whoami
7cb95b3 added umount
755222a I just do a prototype of mkdir -p that does not work because it does not work so is commented don't uncomment it unless you can fix it thank you
b339661 Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:call-cc/k9core
5238638 Added -l to kill.c
b263799 Fix to remove error in -Wall -Wextra
87c139e Fix ln slightly by removing instead of unlinking.
2401662 whoops
f317faa Aded cp and mv
61245b5 This will save a lot of time
e1e3f9f more readable cat.c
c037341 Cat prints binary data now
c904af6 Someone make this read binary shit
268a888 Rewritten cat so it's not literally 9base's
9d6db6f Improved wc
971e32a bare bones version of wc
e4c35b7 unistd.h was useless in ls.c
8ac5f0b Add -a flag for ls.
8c81a09 Do not print dot files in ls.c
a6bfb92 Added ls.c
530bb5c Added chown.c
f4dc088 Added variable guidelines
1c6f622 Improve echo, or fix -n flag
538adce printf -> fprintf in src/chmod.c
60b3510 Added chmod
d2be0fe Added false and true
aff3c77 Readme in org
a4d4d90 Fixed style in src/echo.c
82b36c8 Clean code in src/echo.c
73ab1c7 Sorry i haven't slept in 21 hours
2f5f39a goddammit
eba3830 I don't know I was really drunk at the time
e4cdd7d slight fix
2214494 Add -n flag to echo
79ec3ad License update
4ca78b4 Improve makefile and mark ln as complete
85f3c31 I don't know how to use gdb
8adf347 Switch statement
9c7fec7 Added kill
559fd48 Change STYLE.ORG file name because it trips up gitlab
c1115b3 Add to README
81244ae Add to TODO and migrate to the kill-9 public license
e27abc9 Improve yes
0670f46 Fix errors in style, plus more stuff about C standardization
02699d5 Add error alert to ln and another item to the todo
fbacc8d Style written in org
bc423b1 Add todo.org, fix pwd.c
8dcc572 Added new style thing
f4e746e Change errors in rmdir to warns
9486a50 Add -f flag to ln
f458b93 More makefile improvements
e4758c0 Remove note, improve makefile
66dbeda I hate git.
36adf54 Fixed makefile
fe104b8 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitlab.com/call-cc/k9core
c68d449 Add note to ln.c
bdbe212 Add to TODO and clean up ln
14e32f3 Improved makefile
3843efd Tried to add symlinks the worst way possible. Please fix
0575e4d Add ln
87681f9 Added yes
976d1ed idk why is this merge important tbh Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:call-cc/k9core
62ecbde Added src/mkdir.c, src/rm.c, some tips for commiters and close file descriptor in src/touch.c
30192ae Adhere to style guidelines
cb17679 added coding style guide
d4eb349 Make dirname more posix compliant
d2c5b8a Add dirname
83af9b4 Errors count to rmdir
9077404 Rewritten rmdir
5450b0c add multiple-argument deletion to rmdir
35c7b05 Add rmdir
7db446d Add makefile
ff4f7c1 Added touch
36b7302 Add README
ba25b37 Add pwd
152ad26 Very slight cat fix
602dd40 Fix echo, shorten file size
9301665 Add echo
0e055db Initial commit